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2016 Commuter Champions

We love to recognize our commuters who have had a long-term commitment to clean commuting (carpooling, vanpooling, riding transit, teleworking, working a compressed work week, walking, or biking to work). When commuters reach 25,000 and 50,000 pounds of pollution reduced through choosing a commute alternative, they are rewarded for achieving those milestones.

Want to earn bragging rights and high-fives? Find out how you can become a Commuter Champion here.


Michael McGurl

Michael is one of our 25,000 pound Commuter Champions who is an employee with McMaster-Carr Supply Co. He has a commute a little over 20 miles each way and carpools to and from work. So far, Michael has saved almost $10,500 in commuting costs, eliminated more than 20,000 vehicle miles, and reduced over 16 tons of pollution. Congratulations Michael for your clean commuting efforts!


Phillip Beard

Phillip is an employee at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is a 50,000 Commuter Champion. He first joined the Georgia Commute Options program in 2005 and chooses to take transit into work when he can. Since Phillip began logging his clean commute trips he has reduced almost 73,000 miles of vehicle travel, eliminated 60 tons of pollution, and saved over $37,000 in commute costs. Congratulations to Phillip and thank you for your clean commuting efforts.


Stanley Krivo and Lori Shepherd

Both Stanley and Lori work for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and are avid clean commuters. Stanley not only takes transit into the office, he also works a compressed work week, completely eliminating a round-trip commute. Lori also eliminates a car on our roads by teleworking. Combined, their efforts have reduced over 44,000 miles of travel, eliminated over 36 tons of air pollution, and saved a almost $23,000. Congratulations to both Stanley and Lori!


Shenee Owens

Shenee has won 5 $25 gift cards from Georgia Commute Options thanks to her carpooling efforts. Shenee carpools to and from wok at Kennesaw State University every day. So far, she's saved almost 4,000 miles of vehicle travel, 1.6 tons of pollution, and $2,031 in commute costs.


Jim Forbis

Jim works for Brand Bank partnering with Livable Buckhead, one of the area organizations offering Georgia Commute Options services. Jim has been active in our database since 2007 and rides transit or carpools to and from his office. He was won four gift cards totaling $100 for his clean commuting efforts - and that doesn't even take into consideration the amount of gas money he's saved or the time he has gotten back by riding transit to work. Congratulations, Jim!


Elizabeth Morris-Thompson

Elizabeth lives in Buford and works in Buckhead, about a 64 mile round-trip commute, which resulted in filling her car with gas once a week. Since she started riding transit in 2012, her family only fills up the tank every two weeks. Elizabeth takes a Gwinnett County Transit bus to the MARTA Civic Center Station where she hops on a train to Buckhead, then takes "the buc," the free shuttle serving Buckhead. Her commute time is about the same as it would be driving but by riding transit, she can sit back and relax by taking a nap, reading, or playing on her iPhone while someone else takes care of the driving. Thanks for being such a great clean commuting advocate, Elizabeth!


Bernice Brown

Bernice has just over a 27 mile round-trip commute to get to her office at the US Bankruptcy Court downtown. Instead of driving alone, Bernice rides transit to and from work and her employer allows her to work a compressed work week every other week. Her clean commuting efforts have helped her win three $25 gift cards and save over $8,000 in gas and car expenses. Congratulations Bernice!


Aaron Wiley

Aaron is one of our long-distance commuters with a one-way trip of 45 miles. Instead of spending 90 miles a day driving alone in a car, he shifts between riding transit and teleworking. When he rides transit, he drives 20 miles then hops on a bus into town. By teleworking, he eliminates his commute completely, giving him more time for himself and his family instead of sitting in a car. Through his efforts, Aaron has eliminated 107,589 miles of vehicle travel!


Lockheed Martin

14 Commuter Champions were awarded at Lockheed Martin on August 28, 2015. In the past year, Lockheed Martin clean commuters have reduced over 545,000 vehicle miles, reduced 221 tons of pollution, and saved over $275,000 in fuel and maintenance costs.


Wanda McDay

Wanda has been riding MARTA for as long as she can remember and has been working at Piedmont Hospital since 1995. She enjoys riding transit because it's less stressful than driving and riding allows her to enjoy her music or a good book. By riding transit, she sees less wear and tear on her car, which is just as important to her as saving money on gas. Wanda also teleworks and takes MARTA to see concerts and shows downtown. Wanda is pictured with Nicole Smith from Livable Buckhead (Piedmont Hospital's local Transportation Management Association), her manager, and colleagues who joined her in celebrating her Commuter Champion achievement.  


Zhen Li

Zhen is primarily a teleworker however when she needs to get to the the office at the Department of Justice, she rides transit. Her clean commuting efforts and consistent logging habits have helped her win seven $25 gift cards through our monthly drawing - a total of $175! Keep up the good work and congratulations! 


Sean Borja

Sean is a very excited Commuter Champion and we're very excited he's reached this incredible status. Sean rides his bike to a MARTA station then rides his bike from the station to his office in Midtown. By clean commuting, he has reduced almost 8,000 vehicle miles of travel, 3.21 tons of air pollution, and saved over $3,900. Congratulations, Sean!


Jared Walker

Jared lives just 7 miles from where he works, making it a fun and quick bike trip to the office. Jared started as a $3 a Day program participant, fully graduating from the program to receive the full $100. Because he's a long-time, committed friend of Georgia Commute Options, he was awarded with the 25k Commuter Champion certificate and mug. Congratulations Jared!


Debbie Cook

Debbie is one of our newest 25,000 level Commuter Champions and we are happy to have her among this prestigious rank. Debbie rides the Xpress bus to her job each day, which is over 68 miles round-trip. In the recent months, she has also won 2 $25 gift cards just for logging those clean commute trips. Congratulations!

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