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2015 Commuter Champion Stories

Congratulations to our Super Commuters!


Judge Hal Hamrick

Judge Hamrick is a 25k Commuter Champion. He carpooled with his wife for 16 years until she retired. Interesting fact: They only owned one car while they carpooled. What a way to reduce your carbon footprint!


Lauren Williams

Lauren is an avid vanpooler and 50k Commuter Champion at Assurant. She is always looking for ways to promote the Georgia Commute Options programs at her worksite. She has brought friends to Vanpoolooza (a 2013 vanpool challenge), schedules events, keeps Georgia Commute Options information on her desk, and encourages her coworkers to participate.


Darrell Sheffield

Darrell is a 25k Commuter Champion with a 32 mile one-way commute from Alpharetta. He made his housing decision based on the accessibility to MARTA buses and the North Springs Station so he could ride transit to and from work. In the five years he has been with the Social Security Administration, he has never once driven to work.


David Swafford, Rachel Shivers, Anthony Anneski, and Sophia Samuel

David, Anthony, and Sophia are all 25k Commuter Champions working for the IRS. Rachel is the liaison between the IRS and Georgia Commute Options. All three Commuter Champions ride transit into work and telework on occasion.


Carolyn Harris

Carolyn is a 25k Commuter Champion with almost a 60-mile one commute. She continues to help improve traffic congestion and reduce air pollution by taking transit to and from work.


Jason McGill

Jason has earned his 25,000 Commuter Champion status by walking. He has a commute of less than a mile from his home to his worksite at WorldPay in Alpharetta. Jason has taken our advice and walks to and from work each day.


Elizabeth Cooney and Sara Wilbourn

Elizabeth and Sara are carpool partners working for ACE Insurance. They've earned their 25,000 Commuter Champion certificates and mugs by carpooling a grand total of 62 miles one-way. These super commuters are doing it right!


Brandy Hayes, Caren Camp, Tamara Kwaasi, Marlene Taylor, and Terry Spivey

These outstanding commuters are pictured with their Georgia Commute Options Account Manager, Brian Jehle. Brandy, Caren, Tamara, and Marlene all chose carpooling as their preferred alternative commute mode, and Terry is able to telework on occasion. When all five of these Commuter Champions clean commute, they collectively reduce 302.78 miles of solo-driving travel on our roads each day.


Scott Brewer

Scott has been vanpooling for many years. He travels a one-way distance of 59 miles and talks about how vanpooling has truly allowed him to continue to live and work where he does for an affordable price. Congratulations on reaching your 25,000 Commuter Champion milestone, Scott!


Denise Taylor

Denise has an 80-mile round-trip commute from her home to Kimberly-Clark, much of which she spends riding transit. Not only has she been recognized as a 25k Commuter Champion with Georgia Commute Options, she has been recognized in the past by Kimberly-Clark as a Sustainability Star.


Lisa Bauer

Lisa has saved over 12,700 miles by carpooling to and from work while also saving $6,615 in commute costs. Her efforts have also kept 10,317 pounds of pollution out of the air we all breathe. She is a graduate of our $3 a Day program and is a long-term clean commuter for Georgia Commute Options.


Julio Espana

Julio doesn't have a terrible commute - it's just about 11 miles round-trip, but that doesn't stop him from being a clean commuter. He sees the value in the Georgia Commute Options programs as he's saved over $4,700 in commute costs due to his participation. He's reduced over 9,000 miles of travel, which means much less wear and tear on his personal vehicle. Thank you for your efforts, Julio!

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