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Become a Commuter Champion

We see more bragging rights and high-fives in your future.

You know that every mile you're not driving alone helps keep a pound of pollution out of the air we breathe. But did you know you can get recognized for your long-term commitment to clean commuting? Georgia Commute Options partners have created a special program to celebrate the "green" accomplishments of commuters who have kept tens of thousands of pounds of pollution from going into our skies.
Commuter Champions are recognized for their milestone achievements at two different levels:




25,000 pounds of air pollution reduced

50,000 pounds of air pollution reduced


What do Commuter Champions receive for their good work?

  • Certificate of achievement
  • Special commemorative gift
  • And much more!

How do you become eligible for recognition as a Commuter Champion?

Just continue logging your clean commute activity online through your regular participation in the Georgia Commute Options program. When you reach one of these milestones in clean commuting (based on number of trips logged, see below for more details), you'll be contacted by Georgia Commute Options' service providers.

How is the pollution savings calculated for the Commuter Champion recognition program?

Based on three variables:

  1. Average daily metro Atlanta roundtrip commute distance of 39 miles (2007 Center for Transportation and the Environment study conducted for the Georgia Department of Transportation)
  2. One-to-one ratio of miles driven to pounds of pollution emitted (U.S. Department of Energy: Technical Guidelines Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases (1605(b)) Program, March 2006; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Light-Duty Automotive Technology and Fuel Economy Trends: 1975 through 2007, September 2007)
  3. Number of clean commute trips logged by the individual via the incentives programs
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