Free services to help improve how you get to and from work. Try Transit and Reboot Your Commute

We’re big fans of transit around here. The more people take transit, the fewer cars end up on our roads, resulting in a smoother ride for everyone. Plus, taking transit can give you back the time you’d usually spend behind the wheel — freeing it up for reading, texting or anything else you’d like.

Taking transit in metro Atlanta can often mean hopping from one service to another. With MARTA, the GRTA Xpress, Gwinnett County Transit, and CobbLinc, Atlantans have tons of options for a car-free ride. But where do you begin? That’s where comes in.

At, you can map out a trip around Atlanta, hopping from one transit provider to another, all on a single trip planner. Going from Cobb County to the airport? Want to get from north Gwinnett to Stone Mountain Park? Starting a new job and need to find your stop?  Enter your destination on and find a customized route.

You’ll be a transit pro in no time — and Georgia Commute Options is here to help with any extra trip planning you need. And don’t forget, switching from driving alone to taking transit makes you eligible earn up to $150 from Georgia Commute Options! Learn more here.

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