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Be the Vanpool, Love the Vanpool: Baxter Employees Share the Ride

Employees at Baxter Pharmaceuticals have formed the company’s first-ever vanpool, and they’re thrilled with the results.

With a worksite at a remote location in Covington, Georgia, sharing the ride can be a challenge. Options like public transit are unavailable, and biking to work would require quite a trek each day.  But vanpooling, which lets a group of employees meet up at a designated location and then make the long trip to work together, can be (and has been!) an excellent commute alternative for companies with large workforces and employees tired of gassing up for long commutes.

The nine riders in Baxter’s pilot vanpool estimate they’ll each save $100 per month on gas alone. Driver Gerard Bristow says: “The new Baxter vanpool has been a great experience! The brand new van is smooth and easy to drive. It feels good seeing the miles rack up on the odometer, knowing those miles are not on my personal vehicle.”

In addition to helping you save on gas and maintenance, riding a vanpool can give you back the time you’d typically spend behind the wheel. No longer focused on the road, vanpool riders can use their commute time to relax, read, chat, laugh — even sleep.  With all the time we spend on the road to our jobs, wouldn’t we all prefer to get more out of it than stress?

Baxter employees have high hopes for more vanpools to their worksite in the days ahead. Think your company could use a similar solution? Georgia Commute Options can help!  Remember, the more of us that share the ride, the better Atlanta’s traffic outlook becomes. Start a vanpool and Be the Solution!

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