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Commuter Spotlight: Alex Fite-Wassilak

Alex is a dedicated bike commuter who served as team leader for TSW Design’s Atlanta Bike Challenge team. Alex served as the internal champion, starting the team and encouraging workday rides. He even brought in a spare bike to provide to his fellow employees who did not have access to a bike of their own. Alex helped bring the team to 2nd place in their category.

Due to his efforts as an avid bike commuter and being a dedicated logger at, he won a 2015 Georgia Commute Honors Road Warrior award. This award is given to a select few star commuters in the metro region annually.

His unique commute is summed up by his Georgia Commute Honors nominator, Betsy Walsh:

“Alex Fite-Wassilak lives in the Old Fourth Ward Park neighborhood and works in Midtown. Alex rides his bike almost every single day to and from the office, no matter the weather.

You may be saying ‘so? Lots of people do this and it’s not that far to ride,’ and you would be right. But, what you don’t know is that Alex also takes his two children to and from daycare this same way.

Alex gets on the BeltLine near his house, rides to the Greenwood Ave. entrance (which is uphill!) and over into the Highlands, drops off both girls, then gets back on his bike and finishes his ride to work. After work he does this same trip in reverse.

Alex’s round-trip ride is 10 miles, and it takes about 45 minutes each way. Alex does have a car, so this is a choice for him, not a necessity. I think Alex is a great example of a ‘Bike Road Warrior.’”

Congratulations to Alex Fite-Wassilak for becoming one of the Georgia Commute Honors Road Warriors of the Year in 2015, and keep on clean commuting!

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