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Give your School Zone an Upgrade

School will be in session before you know it. Wouldn’t you rather spend less time in the pickup line this year? We can help! Meet the Georgia Commute Schools program.

Traffic congestion can get high in the school zone — and once you’re on school grounds, that car-rider line can be no picnic. When families share the ride to school, they can help reduce traffic on surrounding streets, shorten wait times at school pick-up & drop-off, and reduce air pollution for young lungs!

Schools that partner with Georgia Commute Schools can get:

  • Help with carpool ridematching with Pool to School, our secure online platform
  • Classroom materials to help students learn why it’s good to share the ride
  • Extra cash for faculty and staff that share the ride to school
  • Help tracking progress and recognition for hitting milestones

Visit to learn more about how we can upgrade your school zone this year.

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