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It's Cool to Pool to School

Her name was Alexandra. She was my best friend in first grade. We rode the school bus together every day that year. She sat by the window, and I sat by the aisle. We talked about everything. Why did Gary call the teacher “mom”? Did Matt eat the chicken nugget after it dropped on the ground? Is Santa Claus the same person as mom and dad?  

When you were a kid in a school bus, traffic was the best thing ever! It meant more time with your best friend before you have to get off the bus and start homework.

Now that we are adults, our best friends don’t always sit next to us, and our priority is getting home stress-free.

We may be too old for those yellow school buses, but we are never too old to start carpooling. In fact, there hasn’t ever been a better time to start riding with friends to work!

  • If you carpool to work, you can earn monthly gas cards from Georgia Commute Options —$40 a month for carpools of three people, and $60 a month for carpools of four or more people —  for 12 months within a 3-year period.
  • Not sure who to ‘pool with? Georgia Commute Options provides a free ridematching service to help you find carpool partners. We have thousands in our database looking for the same thing, and some might live, work, or send their kids to school near you.
  • If you’re trying carpooling for the first time, you can earn $5 a day — up to $150! That’s a lot of school lunches.
  • If you couldn’t tell, Georgia Commute Options is here to help you save money and earn even more. For more information on all of the incentive programs available to metro Atlanta commuters, click here.

And if car-rider lines are too long at your school, or if you’d like to get your kids thinking more about how cars affect healthy air, let us know! We have school partnerships all across Atlanta and would love to partner with your local school. Get in touch with our Georgia Commute Schools team here.

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