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Meet MARTA Lifer Sheila Harris

It’s not every day you come across a Super Commuter like Sheila Harris. An employee of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Sheila is a 15-year committed MARTA rider and can’t say enough about its impact on her life.

Sheila commutes from Chamblee to the FAA each day on MARTA. While a morning drive into the office would only be about 20 minutes, the afternoon drive would balloon to 45 minutes—making MARTA the better choice for both her time and sanity. By taking the train, Sheila still spends 45 minutes commuting, but the time she gets back makes all the difference. Instead of fidgeting behind the wheel each morning, Sheila does word searches, reads the latest paperback or the new best seller on her e-reader, or even takes a quick nap. People often ask how she can sleep on the train. “Isn’t it noisy?” “Aren’t you worried about missing your stop?” But when you’ve been riding for as long as she has, it’s not difficult. On both the AM and the PM ride, Sheila always feels refreshed when she steps off the train.

Sheila says she’s always felt safe on MARTA. She stays aware of her surroundings when getting on and off the train. She always gets on the first car and notices the train number, just in case she needs to call for help. But she never has.

Riding MARTA has paid off financially as well. Choosing not to drive has saved Sheila boatloads of money on gas and car expenses. By logging her commutes with Georgia Commute Options, she can see exactly what she’s saving by not driving alone. And, for the record, those savings are big – Sheila has saved almost $27,000 since she started logging her commutes!

Sheila says that riding MARTA has extended her work life as well. She’s eligible for retirement but has chosen to keep working. Because of MARTA. How could changing your commute improve your work life? Maybe it’s time to find out. See all the ways you could save at

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