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Travel Smart, Beat the Heat

Hot summer weather can be tough on your wallet AND the air. Want to outsmart the weather this Smog Season? Try these tips:

  1. Fill up at night. Getting gas in the cooler evening hours cuts down on evaporation.
  2. Don’t idle. Idling your car produces more emissions than driving — and burns more gas, too. Roll down those windows and switch off the engine if you’re sitting still for more than a minute. Avoid waiting in long drive-thru lines at fast food restaurants or banks. Park your car and go inside instead.
  3. Leave your car at home sometimes. When possible, take public transit, walk, or ride a bike. Be the solution to smog by taking your car off the road for a day! (BONUS: If you log those non-driving commute trips, you can win cash and prizes!)
  4. Subscribe to Smog Alerts. Stay in the know, plan ahead, and do summer right.

(Get more summer smog-fighting tips here.) 

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