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City of Roswell

Workers get more “me time,” citizens get more service time with flexible schedules

The municipal government in Roswell identified a need to formalize flexible work schedules which had evolved for years across the various city departments. A group of volunteers from multiple departments examined other city government work schedule policies and adopted components from several of the plans. In March 2007, Roswell established its Flexible Work Arrangements policy.

Up to 50 percent of the city’s 615 employees are currently allowed to work flexible schedules, staggered shifts or compressed work weeks. If their duties and department operations allow, employees can work four 10-hour days in a week or even four nine-hour days and one four-hour day. Employees are often allowed to adjust their work hours, starting earlier or later some days, in order to pursue educational opportunities, fulfill child care obligations or make medical appointments.

The City of Roswell also saw significant benefits for the government and Roswell citizens.

  • Expanded coverage times for some citizen services
  • Reduces overtime
  • Improves air quality, reduces traffic
  • Costs the city nothing
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