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Cobb Electric Membership Corporation

Providing a Variety of Commute Options

Cobb Electric Membership Corporation strives not only to deliver reliable energy to its customers at the lowest possible price, but also to provide commute options for employees that promote living green and saving green too.

With a staff of 560, Cobb EMC offers carpooling and vanpooling programs, compressed work weeks and staggered shifts to nearly every position in the company (90 percent). Cobb EMC also supports commuters that ride their bikes to work by providing showers and locker storage at no cost to its employees, as well as reimbursing them with up to $20 each month for their commuting expenses.

We created a unique logging website for Cobb EMC employees with nearly 150 employees registered and actively logging their commutes.

Cobb EMC also started a vanpool program using clean commuting ambassadors to encourage their peers to consider vanpooling in place of driving alone. These ambassadors were already familiar with the advantages of alternative commuting and were successfully able to spread the word throughout the company about the personal benefits and cost savings. By doing so, the commuter champions gained the attention of others and motivated them to take action – forming four new vanpools so far.

After two years of offering these programs to its employees, Cobb EMC finds that its motivation behind this implementation is to be a “good corporate citizen by [improving] our environment and reducing our carbon footprint.” Moreover, to allow its employees to benefit from “financial savings, less wear and tear on vehicles, decreased stress on and away from the job, as well as reduced personal auto insurance premiums, but most importantly an improved work-life balance.”

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