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Georgia World Congress Center

Georgia World Congress Center Shuts the Door on Idling

The Georgia World Congress Center welcomed nearly 2.3 million visitors last year to its 3.9 million square foot convention center. 

The facility located in downtown Atlanta has delivery drivers stopping by its loading docks daily, works with a host of shuttle companies that manage guest transportation and has its own fleet of vehicles, including two courtesy shuttles that are used during large events. Hosting over 300 events annually means close to 10,000 tractor trailers and over 520,000 cars drive to the campus each year.

Because the volume of traffic was large and growing, the Georgia World Congress Center decided to take action to limit emissions in order to protect the health of its employees and visitors.

 "We saw a lot of traffic in front of our main entrances to the building," said sustainability coordinator Tim Trefzer. "We recognized it's unhealthy for our guests to breathe in that air, so launching an idling reduction program became a top priority." 

The Georgia World Congress Center worked with us to establish a reduced idling policy and posted over 20 no-idling signs in front of the exterior entrances of the building so drivers can see them.  

Trefzer regularly fine-tunes the policy and seeks new places on campus where no-idling signs might be effective in educating drivers about turning their engines off.

 Moreover, Trefzer is working with Georgia World Congress Center's public safety department to educate customers and their transportation providers about the benefits of the reduced idling program, making sure that the policy not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk.

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