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Gwinnett County Government

Reaping the benefits of a shorter work week

Gwinnett County is a thriving, beautiful place to live thanks to the efforts of the Gwinnett County Government and its Sustainability Task Force. Created to help the County Government go green, the Task Force addresses everything from air quality to energy, water and waste management.

Gwinnett County Government not only helps eliminate traffic congestion with carpool and telework programs, but it also utilizes compressed work week schedules to shift travel times out of peak hours and eliminate days of travel altogether.

Spanning all departments in the County, almost 500 employees, or about 10 percent of the workforce, use a variety of compressed work week schedules. The most popular program is the 4/10 schedule, where employees work four 10-hour days per week. The County also uses a variation of the 9/80 schedule, giving employees one day off every two weeks, and its own innovative 13.3/10 schedule, developed by the Department of Water Resources’ repair crews. The longer day is especially useful for the repair crews, allowing them more time to complete a project.

Departments have reported increased productivity, decreased fuel consumption for the county and employees, fewer trips being made and improved morale from the compressed work week programs. Many employees have found they can get more done in a day and appreciate the uninterrupted “after hours” time that allows them to focus on projects.

Additionally, the County is able to provide better service to residents by extending evening hours at locations such as its vehicle tag office. The evening hours are more convenient for most residents and allow the facility to close on Friday, saving the County on overhead expenses which can be funneled into other areas.

With no-idling, bio-fuel, recycling and “power down” policies, the County goes above and beyond to do its part for the environment while creating happier, less stressed employees in the process.

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