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Porsche Cars North America

Putting high performance commute options to work

An automobile manufacturer is probably not the first company one would expect to embrace commute alternatives that help get cars off the road, but Porsche’s North American headquarters has done just that, and more, to reduce its environmental impact.

Since the 140-person office started its commute options program in 2008 as a Partner of Perimeter Transportation and Sustainability Coalition, Porsche Cars North America has kept 20 tons of pollution out of the air by promoting carpooling, vanpooling and cycling to the office. Additionally, every employee is eligible to participate in staggered work shifts and flexible hours programs, allowing them to avoid the Perimeter area’s considerable rush hour traffic and reducing the strain on metro Atlanta’s roads during peak use times.

Porsche’s efforts don’t stop once employees arrive at the office. Just look at some of the other ways Porsche keeps clean commuting top of mind – and fun:

  • An annual Earth Week fair brings sustainability to everyone at Porsche.
  • A President’s Day essay contest asked “Which President Would You Most Like to Carpool With – And Why?”, prompting some interesting answers.
  • “A Perfect Commute” photo and essay face-off with another company in Porsche’s building got everyone thinking about how to improve their commutes.
  • Porsche’s “Green Choice” newsletter regularly helps employees find ways to positively impact the environment, both at work and at home.

Thanks to these creative efforts to promote commute alternatives, nearly 30 percent of Porsche’s workforce participates in incentives programs, and Porsche continues to seek new ways to reduce air pollution. 

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