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Shumate Mechanical

Turning off engines to improve the environment

Shumate Mechanical raises the bar for going green in Gwinnett County. The heating and air conditioning specialist is one of the most active participants in the idling reduction program. Shumate also participates in many other eco-friendly activities that contribute to healthier air and a better quality of life – for employees and for the community.

As part of its commitment to promoting better air quality, every vehicle that comes to Shumate’s facility is asked to comply with the idling reduction program, from company work vehicles to tractor-trailers to package delivery trucks. The company publicizes its program through “No-Idle Zone” signage on its property and educational materials distributed to employees.

Thanks to the no-idling policy, Shumate is making significant contributions to cleaner air in Gwinnett County by cutting the vehicle emissions of often more than 30 vehicles each day. Emissions from the tailpipes of cars and trucks account for half of ground-level ozone and also contain particle pollution, known to be a precursor to asthma attacks, reduced lung function and lung disease.

But the benefits don’t stop there. By reducing idling in company vehicles, Shumate is able to increase its bottom line by saving money on fuel and reduced maintenance costs. Idling wastes more fuel than restarting the engine*, causes residue to build up on engine parts and creates condensation in the exhaust system, which can lead to corrosion.

To further reduce harmful vehicle emissions and save on transportation costs, Shumate purchased two 12-passenger vans to transport employees to job sites together instead of having each one drive individually. These vans keep as many as 22 cars and trucks off the road each workday.

Additional environmental efforts at Shumate include water conservation and the use of alternative vehicles. The company uses water collected onsite from rain barrels to wash its vehicles and is transitioning its sales force fleet from conventional cars and trucks to hybrids. The company is also considering a switch to compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered vehicles. CNG has much cleaner emissions than gasoline, better fuel economy than ethanol and is domestically produced.

Shumate’s participation in the idling reduction program helps spread the message that unnecessary idling wastes gasoline and needlessly pollutes the air. By shutting off their vehicle engines, Shumate employees save the company money and help keep Gwinnett’s air clean and healthy.

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