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Incentive Programs FAQs

$40-$60 GAS CARDS

Q: How many riders do I need in my carpool to receive gas cards?
A: Carpools need at least three riders to earn $40 gas cards and at least four riders to earn $60 gas cards.

Q: Why hasn’t my carpool been earning gas cards?
A: In order to earn gas cards, the carpool must have made a minimum of 15 round-trip carpool commutes (30 trips) with three or more riders to begin earning gas cards.


Q: How many times can I participate in the $3 a Day/Gimme Five program?
A: Just once. $3 a Day/Gimme Five is a one-time participation program to encourage commuters to try making the switch from driving alone to a commute alternative.

Q: Someone from your team contacted me and said they need my program agreement. Where can I find that?
A: Click here and log in. You’ll be taken to your application. Click “Apply,” then “Confirm.” And finally “Click Here to Display Page 2.” That is the program agreement you need to print, sign and return.

Q: Do I turn in my reward claim form for $3 A Day/Gimme Five every month of my 90-day participation period?
A: No. You’ll want to wait until the end of your 90-day participation period (once you have maximized your reward) to submit your reward claim form.

Q: How many days do I have to log to receive my reward?
A: You have to log a minimum of 13 days to receive any reward and 30 days to receive the maximum amount.


Q: I haven’t won a prize in a very long time! What’s wrong?
A: Georgia Commute Options prize drawings are random, and 1 in 10 commuters wins. Each time you log a clean commute trip, your name is entered into our drawing. The more clean commute trips logged, the more chances you have to win. Since it is a random drawing, much of it depends on the number of logs submitted, but also some luck. Commuters who are regular loggers should win within a calendar year, but this is not a guarantee. The more you log, the better your chances!

Q: Did I really win a prize? How do I know this email is real?
A: You’ll receive a notification from us and then your reward from our Virtual Reward Center. Look for a return email address of or to verify that you’re looking at the real thing!


Q: What incentives do I qualify for?
A: All commuters that live or work in our 20-county service area are automatically enrolled in $25 Prizes. If you are brand-new to clean commuting and have not used a commute mode other than driving alone regularly, you may be eligible for the $3 A Day/Gimme Five incentive. Carpools of 3 or more may be eligible for $40-$60 Gas Cards. To be eligible for any of these incentives, you must either live or work in one of the following 22 counties: Barrow, Bartow, Carroll, Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry, Newton, Paulding, Rockdale, Spalding, Walton.

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