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The last time I checked, you can’t go to Target and buy a carpool partner for $29. Bummer! But, you can rely on Georgia Commute Options programs through your employer for free. It doesn't come on the shelf by deodorant or trash bags because it is not a product for sale. Georgia Commute Options is an idea, an idea to change your commute to work. Yes, more than half of Atlantans drive to work alone constantly glancing at the clock, trying to switch to the faster lane, and deciding whether or not to call their boss because they’re are running late. Georgia Commute Options takes out the stress, worry, and anxiety of your current commute. Most people need motivation and support to make changes in their lives, and that is what Georgia Commute Options is all about.
Think about how easy it is to change your auto insurance. You probably consult your spouse about the dreaded bill and don’t understand why you need insurance because you are a safe driver. You then review your policy to make sure you can’t cut any corners, and decide to start shopping around before that next bill appears in your inbox. (Speaking of change, who would have ever thought we would use electronic bill-pay? I miss licking envelopes and searching for stamps.) Next, you call the insurance companies with the catchiest jingles to get quotes, and then kick yourself when you realize you have been overpaying for so long. Finally, you cut the cord and make the switch.

Changing your commute is just as easy. Traffic has ruined your day for the last time and you decide to make a change. Service organizations around Atlanta are ready to show you carpool options, transit routes, vanpool driver’s numbers, and a website where you can earn money. It’s even easier than changing your car insurance because you have Georgia Commute Options to do the dirty work.

As I ride MARTA into my internship at The Clean Air Campaign, I notice the increase of patrons due to the beginning of spring semester at Georgia State University. On Monday, the once dormant six blocks that make up this urban campus came to life as over 33,000 students descended upon it. The streets are now crammed with coffee-laden, backpack-wearing coeds that make driving anywhere near campus a nightmare.

One of the biggest challenges attending an urban campus like Georgia State is actually getting there. After being late to class due to traffic, or paying an arm and a leg for parking, I was determined to find an alternate route to school that I could also afford on my student budget. By interning at The Clean Air Campaign, I have been conditioned to think outside the box when it comes to transportation.

With a little help from Georgia State’s Transportation Services, I uncovered a broad range of options that did not involve braving the campus traffic. Students can park at Turner Field and ride the Panther Express Shuttle to campus. Georgia State also offers discount MARTA cards and GRTA Xpress cards so “clean commuting” does not break the bank. Furthermore, Zipcar offers student rates and has many locations throughout Georgia State.

With all these options available, I feel confident that I can keep my New Year’s resolutions of saving money and driving alone less!

A recent CDC study reported that 1 in 24 U.S. adults say they recently fell asleep while driving. Now that is something that will give you nightmares! The health officials behind the study think the number is probably even higher because some people don’t realize when they nod off for just a second or two behind the wheel.

The study found that drowsy driving is more common in men, people ages 25 to 34, people who average less than six hours of sleep each night, and, oddly enough, Texans. Sleep deprivation impairs drivers by slowing reaction time, making you less attentive and inhibits your decision making ability. To prevent drowsy driving, CDC researchers recommend getting seven to nine hours of sleep every night, treating any sleeping disorders and staying out of Texas (just kidding about that last one).

Another way to avoid snoozing behind the wheel is to pick up a carpool partner. On days when you just couldn't get enough sleep, your carpool partner can take over the reins while you take a catnap. Not only will you get a few more minutes of rest, but you’ll be helping reduce traffic, which can lower your stress to help you sleep better at night. Full circle achieved!

Commuters looking for carpool or vanpool partners to share the ride can receive ridematching assistance through Georgia Commute Options. There are tens of thousands of commuters in the database so odds are pretty good that you might find a neighbor or co-worker heading in the same direction. Register for the ridematching service today and make sure to get enough rest tonight.

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