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Updated 1/28/14 - 3:42PM

With wintry conditions sweeping across metro Atlanta, commuters are asking about the status of several programs and services for the afternoon trip home.  Here are several updates:


  • MARTA bus and rail service is operating as normal this afternoon.
  • GRTA Xpress service is operating as normal this afternoon.
  • Cobb Community Transit is operating express routes out of downtown beginning at 1pm.
  • Gwinnett County Transit is operating as normal this afternoon.


  • Surface streets in downtown Atlanta are gridlocked, according to news reports.  Interstate traffic is also heavy on most major interstates around Atlanta.  For current info on road conditions and hazards, visit


  • Please note that as stipulated in the program agreement, inclement weather conditions do not qualify for Guaranteed Ride Home service:

What Conditions Do Not Qualify?
You may not use GRH for a ride to work, a trip to a medical facility, personal errands, intermittent stops, scheduled appointments, medical appointments, scheduled overtime, company-wide emergencies or closures, business-related travel, termination of employment, side trips, vehicular failures, transportation system and/or provider closures or failures, work-related and/or bodily injury, 911 emergencies, inclement weather, natural disasters or acts of God.

Be careful out there!

While you may be green commuting to and from work, that doesn’t mean you can’t take the same practices into your life outside of work. MARTA doesn’t just run to your office and carpooling doesn’t only need to be with your co-workers. Atlanta and its surrounding areas have a lot to offer to its residents and tourists, and also easy and cost efficient ways to get there.

The Fox Theatre: Originally opened in 1929, this historic landmark in Atlanta began as a fancy movie theater. Today you can witness a variety of concerts, comedians, Broadway shows, dance, or even a lavish party.
How to get there: There are several MARTA bus stops surrounding the theater and the North Avenue station is just around the corner. If you plan on driving, there are several paid parking lots nearby so be sure to carpool to save money on parking and gas.

Zoo Atlanta: What started as a traveling circus, the zoo is now home to over 1,500 animals with the nation’s largest collection of gorillas and orangutans, and is one of four zoos in the U.S. currently housing giant pandas.
How to get there: Zoo Atlanta is located next to Grant Park and is encircled with MARTA bus stops. Or you can take the BeltLine once the weather begins to warm up.

SweetWater Brewery: Atlanta boasts one of the top 50 breweries in the country and offers tours and tastings Wednesday-Sunday. The brewery also holds sponsored events and is available to rent for private events.
How to get there: There’s not great MARTA access to the location and parking can be a bit tricky, so the best option is to carpool. Or if you live close enough and the weather is nice, pregame your visit with a bike ride to the brewery.

Turner Field: Be sure to check this site out while the Braves still call it home. The Braves home opener is April 4th and is a great way to spend time with family and friends.
How to get there: MARTA conveniently has buses that drop fans off directly in front of the stadium. Just catch it from the Five Points station and you’ll be there in a jiffy. Or select one of the parking lots and split the cost with your carpool buddies.

Atlanta BeltLine: Once the weather starts to warm up, this is the perfect way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Ride a bike, walk, or skate through Piedmont Park to what will eventually connect 45 of Atlanta’s neighborhoods. It’s a perfect way to pack in exercise and sightseeing in the city.
How to get there: There are a couple different trails and parks where you can get started. If it’s convenient to start your ride or walk early, cruise on over to a trail from your house!

Check back for Part II with more activities in and around Atlanta throughout the year. Want more tips about green commuting? Check out for helpful information.


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