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For the past 30 years, PNC Wealth Management has put together a tongue-in-cheek price index of Christmas using the carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” We’ll take a look at the true cost of Christmas and how it compares to the cost of commuting.

The total cost of Christmas for 2014 is $27,673.21, which is 1% higher than 2013. The prices of each item are determined by different businesses specializing in each song item. For instance, a Philadelphia dance company provides the estimates for the salary of the nine “ladies dancing” and the price of a canary at Petco is used for the calling bird.

  • One Partridge in a Pear Tree: $207.68
  • Two Turtle Doves: $125.00
  • Three French Hens: $181.50, or $60.50 per hen. Instead of a hen, you could buy a 20-trip MARTA Breeze Card and still have money left over.
  • Four Calling Birds: $599.96
  • Five Golden Rings: $750.00, or about the amount you would save if you chose to carpool
  • Six Geese-a-Laying: $360.00
  • Seven Swans-a-Swimming: $7,000
  • Eight Maids-a-Milking: $58.00 – for this you could fill up an 11-gallon tank of gas twice, or drink a lot of milk
  • Nine Ladies Dancing: $7,552.84
  • Ten Lords-a-Leaping: $5,348.24
  • Eleven Pipers Piping: $2,635.20 – this is about how much it annually costs the average Metro Atlantan to drive alone to and from work each workday
  • Twelve Drummers Drumming: $2,854.80

You can check out how much your commute is costing you using our nifty Commute Calculator here. No matter what you spend on this holiday season, all of us at Georgia Commute Options wish you a happy one.

Jenny Schultz is a Communications Specialist working on the Georgia Commute Options program. When she's not at work, she spends most of her time baking, dancing, and pretending to paint her house. Jenny has a pretty sweet telework space complete with Ikea furniture, a stability ball, and a fantastic view of her backyard.

I've been carpooling for about eight years and my carpool buddy has a tender heart toward animals. One day we were driving to work; the sun was barely coming up and when I looked ahead, I noticed a goat in the middle of the road. My carpool buddy insisted on stopping to try to get the goat out of the road. When that failed she went knocking door to door trying to find the owner. The owner was found, but too busy trying to get his other animals back in his fence and had a hard time understand us.  He looked completely confused while we were pointing toward the road saying, "Bahhh, bahhh." We realized later we were probably making sheep noises, not goat noises.

Finally, my carpool buddy went back to the road, took off her belt, lightly hit the goat's behind, and miraculously, the goat got off the road. Late for work, I went and told my boss the story. He laughed and said that was the best excuse he ever heard and I would have a hard time topping that story.

You too can have your own adventures on a carpool. To learn how to get started and be rewarded with gas cards, click here.

Donna works at Oglethorpe Power Corporation as the Senior Executive Staff Assistant to the VP of Human Resources. Her carpool partner, Nina, is the Senior Executive Assistant to the CEO of Georgia Transmissions Corporation. They both live in Loganville and have been clean commuting for about eight years.

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