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The holidays are coming up, and that means gifts, travel, and a bundle of other expenses. Need help making it work? Georgia Commute Options can help — in more ways than one.

Save money on transportation, use it to buy presents! Choosing a clean commute—carpooling, vanpooling, teleworking, working a compressed work week, transit, walking or biking—means you’re spending less on gas and putting less wear-and-tear on your car. We bet you could find a few better uses for that money.

Earn $5 a Day for clean commuting (and use it to buy presents). Switch from driving alone to taking one of the clean commutes listed above, and we’ll give you $5 a day, up to $150!

Get entered into monthly $25 prize drawings (we’ll say it again: presents). As long as you’re logging clean commutes, you’ll be entered into monthly $25 prize drawings.

You’re traveling to work anyway—so wouldn’t you like to supplement your holiday fund at the same time? So before you cut corners, take a look at your commute. Check out which option works best for you here and find out more about the incentive programs here.

Lesley Carter is a communications specialist and the voice of Georgia Commute Options social media. You can get in touch with Lesley here.

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