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Cause: You’re sitting in traffic and a driver cuts in front of you.
Effect: Your blood pressure and frustration rise.

Cause: You’re late for a work meeting and still miles away from the office in bumper to bumper traffic.
Effect:  You’re more stressed than you were when you left the house.

We know the feeling. And these stressful commute-related situations are a daily occurrence for many of us. But did you know your commute impacts your health?

According to Business Insider, long commutes can have a negative impact on mental well-being. These commuters are 33 percent more likely to suffer from depression. Sadness and irritability, two warning signs for heart disease, is also more common among people with long commutes. So, it’s no surprise that people with longer commutes have higher levels of depression, stress and anxiety.

Worried about your health as you’re hopping in your car for your commute home? There are several ways you can reduce stress on your commute:

  • Bike or walk to work: Studies have shown that people who bike or walk to work have a lower chance of becoming obese than those that drive. In addition, commuters who walk or bike to work report being happier than those that drive.
  • Try transit: Not only is taking transit better for the environment, it also reduces stress levels. Let someone else do the driving so you can catch up on emails, nap, or simply have some time to relax.
  • Carpool: Save money on gas, spend quality time with friends and family, and reduce air pollution. Health benefits all around; we can even help you find a carpool partner!
  • Telework: Avoid traffic altogether and work from home. You’ll save money, reduce stress and you can put that time you would otherwise spend in traffic getting work done or doing something you love.
  • Exercise: Sweating it out not only keeps you healthy physically, but mentally. And if driving to work is your only option, exercise is even more important to combat sitting the majority of the day.

For more information about commute options and incentives for switching your commute, visit

From long drives to work to congested on-site parking, morning and afternoon commutes can be challenging for metro Atlantans. As the region continues to grow and bring more job seekers to the area, the business community must consider other commuting options to alleviate stress, boost work productivity and improve air quality.

To jumpstart this thinking, Georgia Commute Options has launched the inaugural Clear the Deck Challenge, a regional initiative to reduce parking consumption through the promotion of alternatives to driving alone. During the week of May 14th – 18th, participating property managers and employers will challenge their employees to use cleaner commute options such as teleworking, biking, walking or taking transit for at least one day during the week.

During the initiative, property managers and/or employers will monitor parking consumption through their decks and lots to showcase decreases. At the end of the week, Georgia Commute Options will release data to showcase how metro Atlantans rose to the challenge of trying different commuting options and subsequently reduced the need to park at their worksites.

This year's participating employers include:

  • Bank of America/Kennesaw Operations Center
  • Bank of America/Southside Center
  • CDC Chamblee Campus
  • Colony Square
  • GA Environmental Protection Division/Tradeport Building
  • Emory University
  • Equifax
  • Sanctuary Park
  • US Forest Service Region 8

Employees who participate in the Clear the Deck challenge and opt for a different way of commuting to and from work may also be eligible for incentive programs offered by Georgia Commute Options.

April showers may bring May flowers…and May concerts! What better way to enjoy the warm spring weather than by attending a concert around the city? From music festivals, country concerts and jazz festivals, to anything in between, metro Atlanta has a music event for you to enjoy this May.

But with fun concerts comes not-as-fun traffic, whether you’re attending a concert or not. Mark these music events on your calendar:

Then check out these commute options to get there:

  • Take transit —all the concerts listed above are accessible through MARTA or Gwinnett County Transit.
  • Carpool with friends—chances are you’re all going to the concert together, so save money on gas and parking by riding together.

Want more commute options? Find one that works for you.

From carpooling to transit, multiple commute options are available for metro Atlanta’s commuters. With so many options, most are still opting to drive alone- what’s holding you back from switching your commute?

“My post-work schedule is inconsistent and unpredictable, but I want a consistent commute option.”

“My home or my workplace isn’t located near a transit or MARTA station.”

“I have early-morning or late-afternoon meetings, so my unusual schedule makes it difficult to carpool.”

“I don’t know anyone living near me who could ride with me to work.”

If any of the above sound like an issue for your commute, we have you covered. Multiple commute options are available for you to use – and we can help find the best option for you.

  • Biking or walking – More than 25 percent of all car trips are less than a mile. Choose human-powered commuting to squeeze in exercise on your way to and from work. And if you’re new to biking, we can help you get started
  • Carpooling – Even carpooling just a few days a week can help improve congestion on metro Atlanta’s roads. A colleague who has a similar schedule as yours for one to two days each week can be a great carpool partner. Need help finding a partner? Our ridematching service connects more than 50,000 potential carpoolers interested in sharing the ride. And if an unexpected event comes up forcing you to leave work early or late and miss your carpool, our Guaranteed Ride Home program offers up to five free rides home.
  • Transit – There’s more than just MARTA around metro Atlanta. Xpress, Cobb LINC and Gwinnett County Transit are all options that can get you to your workplace. And while using transit, you can reduce stress by reading, listening to music or getting a bit of work in, rather than sitting in traffic.

With multiple commute options available in metro Atlanta, more commuters can find an option that works with their schedule and lifestyle. Find an option that works for you:

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