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Tyler Blazer pledged to Dump the Pump this week.

After moving to Atlanta nearly two years ago, I decided to make MARTA part of my daily routine, and it has been a great decision for my technology-oriented lifestyle. I work for Cooper Carry, an innovative Atlanta architecture firm, and in this fast-paced field, I cannot afford to be delayed due to unpredictable traffic and parking issues. Luckily for me, I chose to live close to my job and near a MARTA bus route. The recent implementation of MARTA smartphone applications, like bus-tracking technology and commute-planning options, allow me to plan ahead and have a good idea of when I will reach my destination. Once I arrive, I am ready to get started without having to worry about finding a parking spot and paying parking fees.

In addition to the technology and obvious gas and car cost savings, there are many other benefits to riding transit. Being a transit commuter has enabled me to become totally immersed in Atlanta culture. I am more aware of what is happening in the city. Rather than being stressed out in gridlock traffic, I can take in the sights and relax. There is a sense of connection to others that driving in a car would never provide. I have had the pleasure of establishing friendships with many bus drivers on my route as well as other daily bus commuters, many of whom I would have never thought to talk to otherwise.

Cooper Carry has quite a few projects developing around MARTA. To me, it would not make sense for me to arrive at a job site in a car, when these projects are meant to make better use of the transit system. Practicing what you preach is one of the best ways to make the world a better place.

A study found that gas pump handles may be among the dirtiest surfaces that we touch.  Hygienic tests determined gas pump and mailbox handles, escalator rails and ATM buttons were more likely to harbor high concentrations of germs that can lead to illness.  In all, 71% of gas pump handles tested had high contamination levels.  Stay healthier by filling up less often at the pump by ditching your car.

This week, June 17-21, is Dump the Pump week. By pledging to ride transit instead of driving alone, you are not only keeping those germs away, but are able to relax and save money on your commute. In fact, the average metro Atlantan can save $1,500 a year on gas and car expenses and keep 2.6 tons of pollution out of the air by riding transit a few times a week. And an extra bonus - when you pledge to Dump the Pump, you're entered into a drawing to win a $10 Amazon gift card.

Free money plus less germs? That's a win-win!

Linda Speser has pledged to Dump the Pump next week and is looking forward to continuing her daily MARTA commute June 17 – 21.

I have been taking transit since 2000, and have been surprised at how well it compliments my lifestyle. Not only am I saving money by taking MARTA, I’m also creating more free time for myself. I love to read, and commuting via transit has provided me with the opportunity to exercise my love for reading. I always read during my daily commute, and I usually go through at least two books per week.

I generally take MARTA to and from work each day. I live in Tucker, in Gwinnett County, and my daily route includes the 124 MARTA bus from Lawrenceville Highway to the Doraville MARTA train station. From there, I catch a southbound train to the Five Points MARTA station and walk to my job at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. I have been logging my commute with Georgia Commute Options for about five years.

I decided to Dump the Pump to continue saving on gas and vehicle wear and tear expenses. I drive an SUV that only gets about 15 mpg, and it takes nearly a quarter tank of gas to drive from Tucker to downtown Atlanta and back every day. Needless to say, the savings from taking transit are huge.

In addition, I have made a whole set of MARTA friends that I see on the bus each morning, as well as a set of afternoon friends. I look forward to seeing them each day.

I strongly recommend that people give MARTA a try during Dump the Pump week. The system is efficient, generally on time, and provides a pleasant trip.

For one day, ride transit and experience for yourself all the benefits of not driving alone to and from work every day. You can relax on your commute and save money. In fact, the average metro Atlantan can save $1,500 a year on gas and car expenses and keep 2.6 tons of pollution out of the air by riding transit a few times a week. Take the pledge to Dump the Pump to win an Amazon gift card and save money on your commute to and from work.

Even this car wants to the Dump the Pump. Find out why...


What could motivate people to take transit more than a free iPad Mini? Making them run across Atlanta via MARTA deciphering clues in 90 degree weather. That’s what.

Kicking off Dump the Pump week (June 17-21, 2013), Scavenger Hunt Atlanta and MARTA threw their Dump the Pump DASH on Saturday, June 15, 2013. This scavenger hunt consisted of over 40 teams of families, commuters, and students who all worked to solve riddles consisting of facts about local businesses located near MARTA stations, collect facts about various communities, and perform wacky tasks like “Doing the Dirty Bird on the Big Bird at the Georgia Dome”. Teams fought for an array of prizes including a battery and solar powered charger, a solar powered backpack, and the grand prize, an Apple iPad Mini. My team “Single Tracking," took third place while a group of Georgia Tech students named, Team “Yellow Jackets," took first prize.

The scavenger hunt was a huge success and allowed a lot of commuters to see sides of Atlanta that were never explored before. I would have never known that East Point Station had a pizza parlor with a keyhole in it or that the original location of Spelman and Morehouse Colleges was Friendship Baptist Church. A learning experience and a promotional tool for taking MARTA to work, the scavenger hunt served its purpose of encouraging commuters to try transit.

Now it's your turn - pledge to Dump the Pump at least one day this week and try transit. By pledging, you have the chance of winning an Amazon gift card. Get more by driving less.


Have you ever been in a relationship that just got so stressful and expensive, you wondered whether it was worth it? What about your relationship with your car? The traffic, the repairs, the constant trips to the gas pump. . . it might be time to re-evaluate what you’re getting from the relationship.

If you’re ready for a commute that gives you something instead of just taking, try transit during Dump the Pump, June 17-21. This week-long event has a number of ways to make you feel better about your daily commute:

  • Pledge to take transit at least one day during Dump the Pump and you’re entered into a drawing for one of 25 $10 Amazon gift cards.
  • If transit looks like it could be a long-term commute relationship, you can sign up to earn cash and other rewards from Georgia Commute Options.
  • Stick with transit for the long haul and you could save thousands of dollars a year on commute costs. In fact, the average metro Atlanta commuter spends roughly $4,000 annually getting to and from work.
  • Riding transit can also save you stress as you let someone else do the driving while you read, listen to music or catch up on some sleep.
  • You might even shed a few pounds, since transit riders take approximately 30 percent more steps per day than their drive-alone commuting counterparts.

Dump the Pump is the perfect time to see if transit is a match for you, and Georgia Commute Options is here to help simplify the process. Go to and pledge to take transit during this week. Remember, you’ll have a chance to win one of 25 Amazon gift cards worth $10 each.

While you’re on the website, you’ll have the opportunity to browse a variety of resources to help make the switch to transit easier. Concerned that public transportation is too confusing or time-consuming? The site features everything from links to your local transit providers to a commute calculator to articles on transit tips and tricks.

You can also check out Georgia Commute Options’ Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages to stay informed about the latest happenings in the transit world.

So take the pledge to dump the pump. It might be the best breakup you’ve ever experienced.

Vanpoolooza 2013 has continued to be a success at the open house events Downtown and in Buckhead.

The Downtown event was held by representatives from Central Atlanta Progress, The Clean Air Campaign, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, V-Ride and Douglas County Rideshare at the Georgia Freight Depot.

Both current and prospective riders came to learn about the benefits of vanpooling and met with vanpool providers to get more people to join their van or start a new vanpool.

The Buckhead Open House was this morning at Two Alliance Center. Star94 helped get the party started with games and prizes and representatives from BATMA and The Clean Air Campaign helped the current and prospective vanpoolers get in touch with the right vanpool providers.

There's just one more Vanpoolooza Open House left so if you're interested in joining or starting a vanpool, or want to add some additional riders to your current vanpool, check out what's in store at the last event.

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