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In your quest to find the best and rarest Pokémon, you will need to travel and explore beyond your house and neighborhood. Fans of the original Pokémon show and games know that exploration is the core of Pokémon. After all, the hero Ash couldn’t become the very best (like no one ever was) without leaving Pallet Town — and neither can you.

But, just like in the game and show, this exploration carries some risks. You probably won’t run into a wild angry Gyarados or a sleeping Snorlax blocking your path, but if you try to catch Pokémon while driving, you may get a ticket or cause an accident. So how can you cover the most ground in your Pokémon quest — not only in finding more Pokemon but also traveling enough distance to incubate eggs? Here’s an idea: Try transit.

Like Ash’s friends Misty and Brock, who help him along his journey to becoming a Pokémon Master, you too have friends who can help you on your quest to become the very best yourself! Their names are Train and Bus.

Known hotspots for Pokémon Go along MARTA rail routes:

-          Downtown (Five Points, Peachtree Center, GSU)

-          Piedmont Park (Midtown Station)

-          Lenox Mall

-          Oakland Cemetery (King Memorial Station)

-          Downtown Decatur

Pokémon are more likely to spawn in denser, historic parts of town. This means that you must explore the different neighborhoods of Atlanta in order to catch them all, and MARTA can get you to many of these hotspots quickly, cheaply, and safely. So, unless you’re satisfied catching Zubats, Pidgeys, and Ratatas forever, bring some friends along and go catch a MARTA train to your destination of choice and fulfill your destiny!

If you need any more help in finding good spots around town, you can use this map to find all the Pokémon Gyms and Stops around Atlanta. And if you find a rare Pokémon on a MARTA bus or train, take a picture and tag #itsMARTA when you upload it!


Join Georgia Commute Options and MARTA at the Midtown Station on Saturday, July 30 from 2 – 5 p.m. 

Walk up, chat, and get tips for taking MARTA to catch the best Pokemon. The first 50 people to visit will receive a free battery pack to keep that smartphone running! We’ll also be giving out MARTA cards, MARTA maps, and other swag.

Join us and catch ‘em all!

To celebrate Georgia Telework Week (September 15-19), Midtown Transportation - one of the organizations that helps deliver Georgia Commute Options - conducted a Q&A session with Liz the teleworker.

Midtown Transportation: How often do you work from home a week?
Liz: At least 3 days a week.

MT: What is the biggest benefit about teleworking?
Liz: Avoiding traffic and drive time, which also means I gain at least an hour of total working time per day without lengthening my work day.

MT: How important is this flexibility to you if you were to look for a different job?
Liz: Not having the option to telecommute would be a deciding factor for me.

MT: Do you have any tips for new teleworkers?
Liz: My advice for those who wish to telecommute: use the tools available at to build a proposal for telecommuting. I did so and presented it to my employer over 5 years ago. It helped us both to understand the process and benefits. For those who are new to teleworking, set a timer to manage your time spent on various tasks. This will not only keep you from being distracted, but will also remind you to get up and stretch your legs during the day. And try to have a separate space in your home for work.

MT: If you do not work from your home all the time, where is your favorite place to work remotely?
Liz: The beach! All kidding aside, I can work from anywhere, increasing flexibility even more so. Teleworking pushed our company in the right direction to set up the technological tools we needed to not only work from our desks at home, and on the go as well.

MT: Do you have any interesting/funny stories that happened while you were teleworking?
Liz: Definitely not funny, but several neighbors and friends were stuck on the highway during the two snow storms earlier this year - some all night. Because we were teleworking, not only did my coworkers and I avoid being stranded, but our work day continued as normal with all of our out-of-town clients.

Thank you, Liz, for being an awesome advocate for teleworking! And thank you to the folks at Midtown Transportation for helping us put this piece together. 

Do you want to tell your commuting stories on the Georgia Commute Options blog? Email us here to find out how.

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