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March is Women’s History Month. Throughout history, women have joined together to advance causes worth fighting for — from suffrage to civil rights to the fight against domestic violence. That’s how we know Georgia women have the power to take on a new issue facing metro Atlanta: Healthier air for our children and clearer, safer roads for our region.

It’s no secret: our region has a transportation problem. Our clogged roadways not only threaten our safety and waste our time — they also result in a build-up of air pollution that threatens the health of every breather out there. It’s hard to give our jobs and families our best when we’re hindered by traffic. It’s time to take action against the number of cars jamming our roads by taking up a very simple protest: sharing the ride! 

Think about it: By choosing to not drive alone to and from work — whether through carpooling, vanpooling, biking, walking or riding transit — you’ll be joining a movement to get cars off the road and pollutants out of our air. That’s because for every person taking an alternative to driving alone, there’s one less car out on the roads. Georgia Commute Options wants to help you do your part — and we’d even like to reward you with cash for giving it a try! If enough of us join this movement, think about the difference we could make for Metro Atlanta’s traffic and air for generations to come.

This Women’s History Month, think about all the women of action throughout history — and think about becoming one of them. Join women all over the region working for a better, healthier Atlanta, one ride at a time. And if you’d like to find other woman warriors to carpool with, you can use our online ridematching tool at! Find a ride buddy and join the movement today.

Lesley Carter is a communications specialist and the voice of Georgia Commute Options social media. As a car-free Atlantan, she knows how to get creative when getting from A to B — and she’s eager to help other commuters discover their non-driving potential. Lesley’s previous credits include ad copywriting, editing, blogging and youth outreach.

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