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Ready to take the road on two wheels instead of four? The fifth-annual Atlanta Bike Challenge runs from October 1-31, 2018. Presented by Georgia Commute Options, the Atlanta Bike Challenge: Biketober aims to inspire commuters in the 19 metro Atlanta counties to bike to work instead of driving alone.

By simply registering at and riding a bike anywhere, anytime for at least 10 minutes between October 1st and 31st, participants will earn points for a chance to win fantastic prizes, including:

  • Weekly giveaways - $15-150 in bike gear, restaurant gift cards, experiences, etc.
  • One year, annual membership to the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition
  • Atlanta grand prize – a brand new bike (valued at $1,000)  
  • International grand prize – a trip to the Grand Canyon or New Zealand (winner announced in March 2019)

Last year’s event boasted more than 200 participating organizations, 2,200 competitors and 221,000 miles logged. We’re hoping to smash that number this year by making it a record-breaking Biketober month to remember! Join us by creating a workplace or social team of up to eight people, joining a cycling club or competing solo as a lone rider. You can earn prize points for every mile and every day they log and more points for every new person they encourage to sign up. Plus, in the final week of the event, top teams will be compete in a Final Sprint to determine the top team in the region.

Get Rolling

Register for free at today to start logging your miles and earning prize points when Biketober kicks off October 1st. To earn points, record your rides here or download the Ride Report app to log rides automatically and help make Atlanta better for riding.

MBS bikers


After pedaling across the finish line of Biketober, Atlanta’s Annual Bike Challenge, you might be wondering where our collective two-wheeled endeavors took us. 

From the BeltLine to Path400, bike lanes to cul-de-sacs, Biketober results exceeded expectations. Participation in this year’s challenge increased 31 percent, with a total of 1,762 riders. These riders logged nearly 30,000 trips during the challenge – a 49 percent increase from the previous year.

In addition to enjoying a less stressful commute, participants in Biketober helped reduce congestion and emissions across the region, something we all stand to benefit from.  We also awarded more than 20 prizes to participants! Take a look at everything riders won this year:


$600 towards a bike or bike gear from a bike shop of your choice

Winner: Currie Cole Smith - Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. - Team Kimley-Horn


$500 towards a bike of your choice

Winner: Joseph Gardner –The Biking Dead


Uuni Pizza Oven

Winner: Tom Rasmussen – Bikefriendlyatl


$100 gift card for Vespertine NYC apparel

Winner: Tim Ehlbeck – Team Daimler Bikers North America


2 x T2 Helmet from Torch

Winner: Daniel Pastrich – Team Monkey Business

Winner: Candice Thiessen


Men's or Women's apparel set from Patagonia

Winner: Sean Sanders - Morgan Stanley – Atlanta

Winner: Alice Grossman - Georgia Tech CEE Transpo


Two tickets to ANY show at Dad's Garage

Winner: Linda Rathje – Team Stevens & Wilkinson


Two tickets to Mission: Escape Atlanta

Winner: Robyn Stoddard - high consequence commuters


Gift Card to the new Georgia Beer Garden

Winner: Nathan Woodruff - Council of State and Territorial – Epidemiologists


4 x $25 gift cards from Midway Pub

Winner: Alex Fite Wassilak - TSW Planners

Winner: Dave G - Manifest Speed

Winner: Kat Meagley - Just Keep Spinning

Winner: Scott Palmer - Bike Roswell! Board 2017


Passes to Atlanta Rocks! Indoor Climbing Gym

Winner: Angela Speeth - Lord Aeck Sargent-1


4 x Free Flight Coupons to the new Monday Night Brewing Garage

Winner: Sarah Kuester - CDC Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity

Winner: Aung Aung - Georgia State University - Adair Park

Winner: Yeou Jih - City of Atlanta Resilient - Road Warriors

Winner: Yolonda Freeman - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


4 x all-inclusive tickets to any Family Series Show at the Center for Puppetry Arts

Winner: Joel Webber - FullStorians

Winner: Jeevan Kumar Makam - RCEC team

Winner: Christian DiCenso - Delta Air Lines Cycling Club

Winner: Tenisio Seanima - For Alice


1 x free week (5 days Monday through Friday) of Good Measure Meals (valued at $120.00)

Winner: Pearl Caplan - CDC Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity


Southwest Airlines Certificates (valued at $150.00 each)

Winner: Jennifer Leavey - Georgia Tech Sci Riders


Many thanks go to our generous sponsors for enlivening the competition by making these prizes possible. And to all who participated, thank you for making Biketober 2017 a huge success. We hope you all join us again next year!

-   The Georgia Commute Options Team

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