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Are you stuck in a rut? It’s easy to get into a habit of driving alone to and from work each day, even if there are many benefits to making a change. But, by changing your commute habits, you can gain more time and money, while also reducing stress.

Bernie Guzman is a metro Atlanta resident living in Gwinnett County and working in midtown, a 90-mile roundtrip commute from her home. Depending on traffic, Bernie would spend an hour to an hour and 45 minutes getting to or from work each day. The excessive amount of time she spent sitting in traffic in the car and the gas money it cost her led Bernie to try a new commute option. Thanks to Midtown Alliance’s Go Car-Lite program, Bernie began her new commute with transit options in September 2017.

“Rather than sitting in my car or waiting for traffic to die down, I’m more efficient with my time by using a transit option,” says Bernie.

What’s even better in Bernie’s mind? The savings.

 “I was spending $150 a month just on toll roads – so that didn’t even include filling up on gas twice a week, which was an extra $35-40 each time. Now I can go an entire week without filling up.”

With the extra savings, Bernie has a standing movie and dinner date with her husband twice a month. And with less stress, Bernie enjoys getting to work unrushed and taking the time to enjoy her coffee before starting the day. 

Ready for a lifestyle change with a new commute option? Let us help you find one that works for you:

On June 21st, public transportation agencies nationwide will be encouraging commuters to “Dump the Pump.” Dump the Pump is an annual effort to get commuters to try public transit to avoid high gas prices. In metro Atlanta, dumping the pump saves commuters in more ways than one. 

The average driver spends $2,250 annually* at the pump. Trying a transit commute puts that cash back in commuters’ pockets, and saves on the costs commuters spend for the daily wear and tear on their car.  

Beyond the pump, commuters save in other ways. By taking public transit, commuters save themselves from the stress of driving in traffic. Studies show that drivers have the most stressful commutes, dealing with unexpected delays and traffic congestion. Public transit allows riders to unwind on their commute and relax. 

Transit commutes also save riders time as they can multitask on the ride. Rather than focusing on the road, transit riders can answer emails, read a book, even nap on their way to and from the office. Commuters report this makes the ride seem faster as well, as they get more done on the ride. 

Finally, riders help save themselves from the health risks of poor air quality. The majority of the air pollution in metro Atlanta is formed by vehicle emissions. Solo car commutes produce the most vehicle emissions per commuting person. And when these emissions “get cooked” by the heat and sunlight of our spring and summer weather, it can create levels of smog pollution that is unhealthy for some or all populations (sign up to receive smog alerts.) Taking transit reduces the amount of vehicle emission added to the air, reducing the amount of smog we breathe. 

We encourage you to try transit as your commute option on June 21st to discover all the ways you save.

If you are trying transit for the first time, you can sign up to earn $5 a day for up to $150, just for taking a clean commute option. Learn more about our incentive programs here. 

*This average is based on a vehicle that get 20 MPG driving 15,000 miles per year, with the average cost of gas at $3 per gallon.

Your to-do list is growing: saving money, avoiding traffic, reducing stress. While you may think these goals can’t be accomplished, a new commute option, such as transit, can make it possible.

Georgia Commute Options is hoping that number will grow during the week of May 14-18th during its inaugural Clear the Deck Challenge, a regional initiative to reduce parking consumption through the promotion of alternatives to driving alone. Participating property managers and employers will challenge their employees to use cleaner commute options such as taking transit for at least one day during that week.

With multiple stations around metro Atlanta, MARTA can be a convenient and stress-free option for your commute.

From Atlantic Station to Palisades Office Park, multiple business centers are located within a 10-minute walk from a MARTA station. If a station is close to your workplace, you can also benefit by exploring restaurants, attractions and things to do near the stations:

  • Arts Center – Get a dose of culture at the High Museum of Art, Woodruff Arts Center or the Museum of Design during your lunch hour.
  • Buckhead – With an endless assortment of restaurants, Buckhead Station is your one-stop spot for trying some of metro Atlanta’s best cuisine.
  • Dome/Phillips Arena – After work, head to some of metro Atlanta’s most popular attractions, including Centennial Olympic Park, CNN Center and Mercedes-Benz Stadium, easily accessible from the Dome/Phillips Arena Station.
  • Midtown – On pretty days in the spring, take your office meeting outdoors at Piedmont Park.

Coming from a little further out of the city? Xpress offers 27 routes in 12 metro Atlanta counties, providing a connection between 3.4 million residents and 375,000 jobs. For an option around the Clifton corridor and the community surrounding Emory University, try Cliff Shuttles. Gwinnett County Transit provides express buses along six routes using the HOV lanes of I-85 as well as five local routes.

Is your employer participating in Clear the Deck? Switch up your commute and try transit. Find an option that works for you:

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