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It seems as if every health study tells us we aren’t exercising enough during the day. While the latest FitBit, Apple Watch and iPhone apps have us constantly monitoring our steps, it sometimes feels like a 24-hour day isn’t enough time to capture the 10,000 recommended steps per day.

Driving alone won’t help you add steps to your day, but trying a different commute option can.

1)      Walk to a transit station for your AM and PM commute – A half-mile walk to a transit station is 1,000 steps. Do this twice a day and you’ve accomplished 1/5 of your recommended number of steps.

2)      Take a 15-minute walk during lunch – Instead of hopping in your car to grab lunch, walk there. A 15-minute walk can be almost a mile, equaling 2,000 steps.

3)      Use the stairs instead of the elevator – The average flight of stairs has 12 steps, so take three flights of stairs up and down and you can add more steps, while burning more calories.

4)      Conduct meetings in different parts of the building – Rather than booking the conference room closest to your desk, schedule it on a different floor, outside or on the opposite side of the building.

5)      Park your carpool further way. Driving a carpool? Park further away from your organization’s door.

What’s your favorite way to add in steps during your day? Let us know by tagging us on Twitter. If you’re currently using a clean commute, make sure to log your commute to take advantage of our incentive programs.

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