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Downtown Traffic Relief

As I ride MARTA into my internship at The Clean Air Campaign, I notice the increase of patrons due to the beginning of spring semester at Georgia State University. On Monday, the once dormant six blocks that make up this urban campus came to life as over 33,000 students descended upon it. The streets are now crammed with coffee-laden, backpack-wearing coeds that make driving anywhere near campus a nightmare.

One of the biggest challenges attending an urban campus like Georgia State is actually getting there. After being late to class due to traffic, or paying an arm and a leg for parking, I was determined to find an alternate route to school that I could also afford on my student budget. By interning at The Clean Air Campaign, I have been conditioned to think outside the box when it comes to transportation.

With a little help from Georgia State’s Transportation Services, I uncovered a broad range of options that did not involve braving the campus traffic. Students can park at Turner Field and ride the Panther Express Shuttle to campus. Georgia State also offers discount MARTA cards and GRTA Xpress cards so “clean commuting” does not break the bank. Furthermore, Zipcar offers student rates and has many locations throughout Georgia State.

With all these options available, I feel confident that I can keep my New Year’s resolutions of saving money and driving alone less!

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