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Carpool Partners for Sale!

The last time I checked, you can’t go to Target and buy a carpool partner for $29. Bummer! But, you can rely on Georgia Commute Options programs through your employer for free. It doesn't come on the shelf by deodorant or trash bags because it is not a product for sale. Georgia Commute Options is an idea, an idea to change your commute to work. Yes, more than half of Atlantans drive to work alone constantly glancing at the clock, trying to switch to the faster lane, and deciding whether or not to call their boss because they’re are running late. Georgia Commute Options takes out the stress, worry, and anxiety of your current commute. Most people need motivation and support to make changes in their lives, and that is what Georgia Commute Options is all about.
Think about how easy it is to change your auto insurance. You probably consult your spouse about the dreaded bill and don’t understand why you need insurance because you are a safe driver. You then review your policy to make sure you can’t cut any corners, and decide to start shopping around before that next bill appears in your inbox. (Speaking of change, who would have ever thought we would use electronic bill-pay? I miss licking envelopes and searching for stamps.) Next, you call the insurance companies with the catchiest jingles to get quotes, and then kick yourself when you realize you have been overpaying for so long. Finally, you cut the cord and make the switch.

Changing your commute is just as easy. Traffic has ruined your day for the last time and you decide to make a change. Service organizations around Atlanta are ready to show you carpool options, transit routes, vanpool driver’s numbers, and a website where you can earn money. It’s even easier than changing your car insurance because you have Georgia Commute Options to do the dirty work.

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