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Around the Web: Link Roundup for April 8, 2016

MARTA Uses Satire To Poke Fun At Atlanta Traffic

There’s a new movement for transit in the Atlanta region, and it comes with a hilarious new ad campaign. Click through for some good natured traffic bashing in the spirit of promoting transit.

And you know, commuting via transit can really pay off for you—in the form of cash and prizes from Georgia Commute Options! Learn here about how you can earn up to $150 if you make the switch to transit or another alternative to driving alone.


PATH Foundation Seeks To Add 37 Miles of Trails Around Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA -- The PATH Foundation is celebrating its 25th anniversary with plans to add 37 new miles of trails.

The PATH Foundation has spent the past 25 years building a network of off-road trails in and around Atlanta for walkers, runners, cyclists and skaters. Since walking and cycling are two of our favorite commute modes, we’re excited about more trail space coming to our region.

Click through to read about PATH’s goals for funding their trail extensions. Then consider making walking or biking part of your daily trip to work!

Working From Home: How to Be a Productivity Ninja

It’s no secret that we’re totally on board with telework. It gets cars off the road, improves work-life balance, and gives you back the time you’d normally be stuck behind the wheel.

But how do you go from Telework Novice to Telework Ninja? This article has some tips—everything from streamlining your office space (feng shui, anyone?) to dressing for the day (tuck in that shirt, Gary), to scheduling regular breaks (long live the sacred hourly cupcake ritual).

Paying attention to the details is the best way to make telework work for you and your boss. And if your workplace doesn’t yet have a telework policy, we can help you build one! Learn more here.

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