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The Best Things About Cycling in the City

It’s Bike to Work Week, so what better time to sing the praises of city cycling? Biking to work is great because it’s pollution-free and takes cars off the road—lightening traffic for everyone.

And while we know it’s hard to give up your air-conditioned privacy pod in favor of a commute that breaks a sweat, we have a feeling you’ll find it worth the effort. In fact, we’re confident that before too long, you’ll be a bona fide bike snob for life.

Why is biking to work the best? We grabbed a few pointers from Bike NYC:

Save money. Quit the gym!

In New York, it’s the bridges. In Georgia, it’s the hills. Pedal this terrain a couple times a week and you can cancel that gym membership. #ThighsofSteel

Biking is good for the planet

We’ve been saying it for years: When we reduce cars on the road, we reduce emissions and smog too. Some of you guys do it by carpooling, vanpooling or transit—and others do it by bike.

Get places fast

This one might be debatable in some neighborhoods—but hey, wouldn’t you rather be zipping downhill with the wind in your hair than sitting still at a red light? Case closed.

It's fun!

Again, we say: Downhill. There’s nothing like it.

See the city from a new perspective

With the windows up and the radio blasting, there are so many Atlanta sights, sounds and smells that you miss. Take a whiff from a bike seat and your worldview shifts.

Make new friends

You know who cyclists love? Other cyclists. Metro Atlanta’s got tons of trails and group rides that can give you a whole new crew. Find a few of them here!

Check out Bike NYC’s post for the full list. Then dig your bike out of the garage and take it for a spin in the general direction of your office!


And don’t forget, making the switch from driving alone to biking to work could earn you cash and prizes from Georgia Commute Options! Learn how here.

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