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Another great story from one of our enthusiastic bike commuters. Give biking a try and you’ll understand why our bike-to-workers are so upbeat! (Hint: It’s the endorphins.)

Laura Green works at Primal Screen, an animation studio in Old Fourth Ward with a very “animated” bike culture! With monthly bike-to-lunch days and extra bikes available at Primal Screen’s worksite in case people need an exercise break during the day, Laura’s workplace is definitely on board with our favorite 2-wheeled commute mode.

Laura is lucky enough to live close to work, making her bike commute easy. At 0.6 miles, her commute takes about four minutes to walk and two minutes to bike—making clean commuting a real no-brainer.  In fact, her commute is so short that, even though she walks or bikes every day, it took Laura ages to earn the distinction of a 25k Commuter Champion! After four whole years of biking to work, this is one milestone well earned.

Maybe your commute’s a bit longer than 0.6 miles, but is there a chance that biking could work for you? Georgia Commute Options and our partners are on hand to help with trip planning—and you could even earn extra cash for making the switch from driving alone! Take the first step today: email to find a better commute.

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