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Navigating Your Commute with Holiday Cheer

Shopping, baking, wrapping presents, hosting family and friends. A 2015 survey shows 44 percent of people feel somewhat stressed during the holidays. And while the holidays bring additional stresses, additional travelers on the road can cause congestion, delays and long commute times, no matter what time or day.  Per a 2016 report by AAA, more than 103 million Americans were expected to travel at the holidays, a 1.5 percent increase from 2015. These numbers could increase again this year.

With a few simple steps, you can navigate your holiday commute with cheer.

1) Identify what stresses you most. Do you need to save money for holiday gifts or social events? Consider carpooling or vanpooling with friends to work and save money on gas. Want to earn money, too? Log your commute to earn $5 a day up to $150.

2) Maximize your time with a transit option. Metro Atlanta has several transit options available for commuters. Transit riders often save time, help reduce vehicle emissions, and, when someone else is doing the driving, you can spend your commute finding that perfect holiday dessert recipe.  

3) Listen to a playlist, podcast or audio book. John Hopkins Medicine says music helps relax your mind, lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. Want to maximize time during your commute? Consider listening to a podcast or audio book.

4) Try to telework one day a week. Telework reduces stress and increases productivity, says Forbes. Eliminating your commute saves time for other holiday to-do items on your list.

5) Consider a compressed workweek or flex time. If you can’t change how you get to work, change when you get to work. By driving during off-peak times, you can avoid sitting in traffic, emitting pollution from idling and get to work quicker.

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