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Winter Weather Woes? Make Teleworking Part of Your Business Continuity Plan

Winter is here. And January’s snow and ice forced many businesses, schools and offices to close, disrupting business operations for at least two days. While snowstorms and ice are typical threats that can come through the Southeast, these weather conditions can lead to power outages, create unsafe driving conditions, and cause unwanted stress on working professionals.

But life doesn’t need to be on hold due to inclement winter weather. Teleworking works best when it is a part of an organization’s permanent plan, but is also often turned to as a short-term solution for employers and commuters seeking ways to maintain work productivity and business continuity when winter weather strikes.

Let us help develop a formal plan for your office. Our free FlexWork services, including telework, compressed workweeks and flexible scheduling, can provide everything you need, including the policy, training and evaluation tools to put your business on the road to success.

Start a program before the next winter storm comes through metro Atlanta. Reach out to for more information or a free consultation.

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