Free services to help improve how you get to and from work.

More than 1,600 metro Atlanta employers and property managers use these free services to improve their workplaces.

The average metro Atlanta commuter drives almost 20 miles to get to work. So they often arrive to work already stressed. Their commute also costs them thousands of dollars a year in gas and car expenses. With employer-focused commute options programs, your workplace can have a custom-made program that gets employees to carpool, ride transit, vanpool, telework, bike or walk to work. These programs: improve morale and retention; improve productivity; and reduce facilities costs such has electricity and parking. Join our growing list of employer and property manager partners. You’ll be in good company. 

12 Free Services

Georgia Commute Options offers 12 free services to help employers and employees get out of traffic.

Partnership Program

More than 1,600 Atlanta employers and property managers use free services to create and improve commute options programs.

Telework, Compressed Work Week and Flextime Consulting

Nationally-recognized experts can help you start these programs.

Tax Benefits

Employers and employees can receive tax benefits from commute options programs.

Employer Champions

Employer Champions

These employers have improved their workplaces with consistent and effective programs.

Education Series

Register for free seminars and webinars that boost your program, productivity and bottom line.


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Contact Us

Free services begin with an onsite visit and custom-made program.