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Best Overall Program: Large Employer

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta seeks to be a leader in the Midtown community for environmental stewardship, including clean commuting.

Due to limited available parking at their worksite, the Bank has taken extraordinary measures to encourage ridesharing among its employees. Access to the parking deck, currently based on seniority, is granted to carpools of 3 or more.  In addition, the Bank encourages use of public transit by covering 100% of transit pass costs up to $125 for any employee who wishes to participate. To encourage cycling, bike racks are available on most levels of the Bank’s parking deck, and showers are available in the building’s fitness center.

The Bank also recognizes the effectiveness of alternative work arrangements in reducing area traffic and air pollution. Through the use of the FEDFlex program, employees are able to arrange alternate work schedules via compressed work weeks and telework.

And for the occasions that Bank employees need to go offsite for Bank business, fleet vehicles are available — making it possible for alternative commuting employees to make it to their offsite work commitments without bringing their own vehicles in to work.

By partnering with Midtown Transportation to promote Georgia Commute Options programs, the Bank also hosts recurring Commuter Fairs, Try Transit events and other promotions to encourage clean commuting. This partnership is helping all Federal Reserve Bank employees lower their commute stress and save on commute costs on a large scale.

Congratulations to the Federal Reserve Bank for winning the Georgia Commute Honors award for Best Overall Program: Large Employer!

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