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Best Overall Program: Small/Medium Employer

TSW Design

TSW Design is a full-service planning, architecture, and landscape architecture firm located in the northern area of the Midtown district. They partnered with Midtown Transportation 10+ years to promote alternative commutes and have seen a high adoption rate of their employees. In 2014, the firm had a 42% clean commute rate.

TSW’s main alterative mode share is transit, which the company has made a strategic decision to fully subsidize. TSW does this despite the cheaper parking offered within their lease.

TSW was a proud participant in the 2014 Atlanta Bike Challenge. Despite having 10 people in the office who had not ridden bike in a year or more, the firm managed to encourage 86% of the staff to ride a bike. Several rides to nearby lunch areas and “bike breaks” were organized, resulting in 564 miles of cycling logged in the competition spanning over three weeks.

TSW employees have great things to say about their commute options:

“I also like that TSW offers a stipend that is not tied to parking, so when I choose to bike I can set that money aside for bike repairs and upgrades.”  – Alex Fite-Wassilak

"I think it's great that TSW fully supports, in the form of employee incentives, the lifestyle and transportation choices that we promote in our planning and design projects. I walk to work every day and take MARTA frequently, which saves me a substantial amount of stress and time. By having a positive experience walking to work and taking transit for daily needs, as an urban designer, it is easy for me to whole-heartedly encourage these transportation methods in my work."  – Sarah McColley

“As urban planners and designers, TSW is committed to practicing what we preach; in fact, several of our staff live entirely car-free lifestyles. Given our strong beliefs about what makes great communities, it only natural that, as a company, we would do support meaningful transportation options for our staff. Walking, biking, or riding transit makes our staff happier, healthier, and more in-tuned with the communities we serve.” – Caleb Racicot

Congratulations to TSW Design for winning the Georgia Commute Honors award for Best Overall Program: Small/Medium Employer!

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