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Road Warrior - Dave Oden

Dave Oden is the Manager for North and South America Flight Operations at Delta Air Lines and a passionate advocate for vanpooling and other forms of alternate commuting.

Dave has been vanpooling for many years and sees value in the productivity he is able to capture while riding on the van. Being in a management position, the hours that he gains each week are invaluable in allowing him to balance the demands of his job. He also sees the benefits of a corporate culture that embraces this kind of flexibility and has worked diligently over the past few years to gain executive support for vanpooling.

Dave is also an avid cyclist and rides his bike each morning to his vanpool’s meeting spot. In the 7 years that Dave has been participating in the Georgia Commute Options program, he has eliminated 69,591 miles of vehicle travel and 28 tons of pollution, reaching both 25,000 and 50,000 Commuter Champion milestones.

In addition to his personal commute, he is also making an impact as valuable member of the Commute Options Task Force at Delta. Dave is committed to improving commute options for all Delta employees and provides valuable insight as we plan activities and initiatives throughout the year.

Congratulations to Dave Oden for becoming one of the Georgia Commute Honors Road Warriors of the Year!

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