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Road Warrior - Debbie Caldwell

Debbie Caldwell has been involved in Georgia Commute Option programs to commute to her job at Fiserv since 2003. Since that time, she has participated in 4 carpools and 2 vanpools and logged both telework days and compressed work weeks. Debbie has said she and her fellow carpoolers/vanpoolers use their time to collaborate and discuss projects so they can help each other become more productive when they get to work. She values the opportunity to get her commute partners’ different perspective on things via casual conversation.

Some of the impressive numbers she has amassed over the years are below:

  • Vehicle Miles Reduced as of 3/3/2015: 138,337 miles
    • Enough miles reduced to circle the earth over 5 times.
    • She could have driven over half the way to the moon.
    • Debbie could drive back and forth to work an additional 1,729 times.
  • Commute Savings: $71,937 in fuel/maintenance cost
    • Enough money to take a family of four to Disney World 55 times
  • Reduced fuel usage by 5,535 gallons
    • Enough fuel to fill an average bathtub over 44 times
  • Reduced pollution by over 56 tons
  • Kept over 3,623 lbs. of carbon dioxide out of the air we breathe
  • Earned over $500 in incentives from the Georgia Commute Options programs
  • Earned Commuter Champion status for both the 25,000 and 50,000 milestones

Debbie truly understands the benefits of not riding alone and is a great advocate for Georgia Commute Options.

Congratulations to Debbie Caldwell for becoming one of the Georgia Commute Honors Road Warriors of the Year!

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