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Road Warrior - Murray Browne

Murray Browne is not only dedicated to his transit commute and the environment; he also makes creative use of commute time. In just over five years, Murray has logged over 10,000 miles on MARTA through his commute from Decatur to his job at Turner Broadcasting.

Once he discovered how much personal time he was gaining by taking public transit, Murray started his own “MARTA Book Club,” which he promotes on his blog. As he states, “The only membership requirement for Atlanta's premier, impromptu reading club is to read a book while riding public transportation.”

By highlighting the time-gaining aspects of taking transit, Murray is promoting public transportation to choice riders, the growing market of transit users in Atlanta. He is a public transit advocate and a faithful Georgia Commute Options participants; Murray was recognized as a Commuter Champion in 2014.

Congratulations to Murray Browne for becoming one of the Georgia Commute Honors Road Warriors of the Year!

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