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Best Overall Program, Large Employer


In 2015 alone, Primerica’s Georgia Commute Options activities reduced 11,170 trips by employees—adding up to 280,233 miles not driven. Commute options saved those employees over $135,676. Those are some impressive numbers. 

Primerica Financial Services, a long-time Georgia Commute Options partner, works hard to provide the same quality of life for its employees as it does for its customers. On the occasion of its recent office move, Primerica worked with Gwinnett County Transit to add a bus stop accessing 2 routes at its new facility to enable our employees the added benefit of a more accessible commute option. 

Primerica’s employees are using almost every form of clean commuting that Georgia Commute Options promotes. This level of commitment has created over 35 Commuter Champions, and in 2015, this participation yielded the following results: 

  • Registered 30 new participants
  • Reduced the miles driven by our employees by 280,233 miles; an increase of over 77,000 miles from 2014
  • Reduced 11,170 trips made by employees
  • Employees saved over $135,676 an increase from 2014 of $30,158
  • Reduced pollution by 113 tons, an increase from 2014 of 31 tons
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 108 tons
  • These increases over 2014 come during a time in which we have seen the lowest gas prices in over 5 years
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