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Best Overall Program, Medium Employer


RentPath worked with Livable Buckhead (LBI) to promote commute options when it moved its office to the Buckhead area. RentPath was invested in mitigating the impact of the office relocation by providing employees the resources to help them find a commute option. RentPath worked closely with LBI on planning three Lunch & Learn presentations for May. The company also shared employee addresses for the creation of a dot map to promote internal ride-matching. 

With LBI’s assistance, RentPath developed a transportation benefits program that includes a $65 parking cash out, and pre-tax payroll deductions for transit administered through LBI’s discounted transit pass program. The Lunch & Learns had 60+ attendees each, and 70 employees visited LBI’s outreach table in the lobby for additional assistance. The benefits development was well timed with the Lunch & Learn, as LBI was able to leverage the parking cash out to encourage the use of alternative modes. 

The outcome of the early education and outreach effort in combination with the company’s benefits program was very successful. 

  • RentPath hosted a Vanpool Formation Lunch & Learn and launched a company exclusive vanpool soon after the move to Buckhead. Three additional commuters also joining an existing van.
  • In 2015, eighty-three RentPath commuters signed up for Georgia Commute Options. Thirty-eight commuters enrolled in the $3/day program and twenty four have graduated so far.
  • In December 2015, 33 RentPath employees participated in RentPath’s pre-tax program for their monthly MARTA cards. This number has increased in 2016.
  • Following the move, RentPath also implemented a telework program that allows approximately 80 employees to telework three days per week. 
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