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Georgia DOT Leadership Award

Renee Carter, Primerica and Willie Taylor, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Renee Carter, Primerica

Primerica Financial Services works each day to help families secure their financial future, and they believe that it is imperative to provide the same opportunities for their employees. Having a local workforce of over 1,600 employees, the commitment to their employee’s well-being rests on the shoulders of Renee Carter.

Upon completion of the new Primerica Headquarters in Duluth, Renee requested new marketing materials to coincide with the move to help those whose transportation options had changed.

Renee is always thinking about what is next and how can we incorporate the Georgia Commute Options programs into her events. No matter what office event she is planning, she almost always seems to let Georgia Commute Options piggy back on the opportunity so the staff can get seemingly endless opportunities to learn of our programs and services.

Willie Taylor, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Willie Taylor leads HUD’s partnership with Georgia Commute Options, and under his leadership, his workplace won Best Overall Program at last year’s Georgia Commute Honors. Not only does he promote clean commuting, he’s a regular clean commuter himself.

Mr. Taylor is responsible for advising and helping the HUD regional administrator, Mr. Ed Jennings, Jr.; meet the agency’s mission, goals, and performance measures.

Mr. Taylor has the responsibility of providing guidance to his staff to offer, administer and facilitate programs and services that benefit and improve the proficiency of HUD employees. Mr. Taylor supports and offers guidance to HUD staff for the partnership between Georgia Commute Options and HUD. He not only encourages staff activities that would promote employees awareness, enrollment and participation in GCO program and services, he is often the first to sign up and participate himself. Events such as Earth Day 2015, quarterly tabling and enrollment events, How to Log Your Commute , Meet Your Match events and mode counts are always supported by Mr. Taylor. 

Over the past twelve months, Mr. Taylor has logged more than 334 clean commute trips. That’s almost 60% of his total commutes. That’s quite impressive for a Deputy Regional Administrator who is responsible for a nine-state region. 

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