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Ride and Shine Schools Award - Students

Pope High School and Craig Elementary School

Pope High School Environmental Science Class

Environmental Science teacher partnered with Georgia Commute Schools to implement our original Wheels Up: Foresee the Future project-based learning curriculum kit (compiled using tools and data from Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) studies). Students examined human population dynamics, impacts of population growth, urban land development, air pollution (remediation and reduction strategies) and transportation alternatives. Specifically, the students researched the ARC “What’s Next” Strategic Planning and Regional Growth Scenarios” to figure out which scenario should be chosen to engage Atlanta’s upcoming population growth.

Students worked collaboratively in groups to research the three main scenarios – Concentrated Growth, Sprawl, and Local Policy. Students presented their proposals to the class, their teacher, ARC and Georgia Commute Options experts.

Over 100 students were exposed to the curriculum across five classes.

Craig Elementary School Green Team

The Green Team at Craig Elementary usually focuses on recycling, but this year they have extended their influence into transportation and clean commuting. The Craig Elementary Green Team, led my Ms. Karen Greenblat, donned their Georgia Commute Options safety vests this Fall and completed the first-ever Georgia Commute Schools travel tally.

The Green Team visited all of the school’s homerooms after the morning announcements and surveyed 586 students each morning, on two consecutive mornings. 75% of students rode the bus, 1% walked, and 6% carpooled – for a total of 82% clean commuting! The Green Team Travel Tally also qualified Craig Elementary for a First Place Golden Bus award from Georgia Commute Options.

Currently, the Green Team is planning their Wheels Up campaign to further increase clean commuting at the school. The students are designing flyers as part of their outreach and will complete a follow-up Travel Tally during their Wheels Up week to see how much of an increase in clean commuting they can create at the school.

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