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Ride and Shine Schools Award - Teacher/PTA

Imhotep Academy

Imhotep Academy is a small private school with 95 students – all of whom are driven to school by their parents (except for one student who rides transit). Not only do these transportation choices pollute the air and increase traffic congestion, but it creates an additional strain on parents who have to be responsibility for the drop-off and pick-up of their children every day. 

PTA Communications Chairperson Ariana Santiago and Assistant Principal Denise Johnson worked urgently to partner with Georgia Commute Options to bring Pool to School to Imhotep Academy. As a result of the partnership, Imhotep Academy became the pilot school for our brand-new online ridematcher for carpooling parents: Pool to School. All Imhotep Academy families received a match letter of other families within a five-mile radius who were also interested in carpooling to Imhotep. Because of Ariana’s and Ms. Johnson’s efforts, parents can save money, time, and stress. They can also strengthen their school community as the traffic and air quality all around their school improves.

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