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Citizens Trust Bank

Citizens Trust Bank became a partner of Central Atlanta Progress in the summer of 2015 as they began to make plans for an office move. While they were only moving a couple of blocks, they were interested in using the relocation as a springboard for supporting commute alternatives. Despite multiple roadblocks, employer champion Wanda Nesbit worked to create a comprehensive program that supports clean commuters. Today, Citizens Trust Bank offers commuter choice tax benefits for transit passes and a $50 transit pass subsidy. They also buy transit passes directly from Central Atlanta Progress.

Since the implementation of their program, they have already shifted 15% of their drive alone commutes to clean commutes. They have brought Central Atlanta Progress staff in to provide lunch-and-learns on the topic and expect more commuters to shift once the warmer spring weather comes. Wanda and her team are eager to promote commute alternatives and to continue working towards platinum partnership. For a first time partner, this is an enormous success!

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