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Rising Star Partner Champion

Jerry Travers, Bank of America

Jerry Travers has taken a personal interest in spreading Georgia Commute Options programs to Bank of America employees. He has ensured that Georgia Commute Options has the support it needs to succeed within Bank of America’s office culture.

Jerry is a Chief Technical Officer with Bank of America, and he often works at many of the Bank’s different sites around the metro region. He is involved with Bank of America’s My Environment network, which focuses on promoting sustainability and environmentally friendly habits. Jerry quickly discovered the potential to change how all Bank of America employees throughout Atlanta get to work.

Jerry leveraged his ties to the My Environment team and distributed a survey to all members of the network in Atlanta. This survey helped identify the Midtown Plaza, Southside OpsCenter, and the Kennesaw OpsCenter as the Bank of America locations in most need of commute options. Jerry helped identify location-specific opportunities to engage employees in commute options.

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