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Road Warrior Award

Daniel Harris

Dan Harris is an avid bike commuter nominated by Perimeter Connects. His regular five-mile bike commute accounts for his workplace, Verizon, having won the Atlanta Bike Challenge two years running. He also orchestrated a “Try-a-Bike” day at his office, arranging for loaned bikes and instructors from REI to school his colleagues in bike safety—with 100 riders participating! 

A Senior Analyst at Verizon Telematics, Dan bikes five miles from his home in Chamblee to his Perimeter Summit office, located near the intersection of Ashford Dunwoody Road and I-285. For the past two years, his company has won the Atlanta Bike Challenge for their category, due largely to his enthusiastic support and promotion effects. “I hang posters in the break rooms and elevators, and send daily email reminders encouraging people to try biking during the challenge.” The culmination of his efforts was a “Try-A- Bike” Day at Verizon where nearly 100 employees rode a bike, many for the first time in years. 

Dan says that it does take some advance planning to use his bike for traveling to office. “I have to schedule my time, get up early, and make sure I have gear with me to repair a flat.” However, Dan says the benefits outweigh the challenges. “I kill multiple birds with one stone. I get my exercise in. And it benefits me at work because I feel energized, not lethargic.” Since he began logging his trips on the Georgia Commute Options website in 2011, Dan has completed 1252 bike trips for a reduced greenhouse gas reduction of 4987 lbs. In 2015, he logged 185 bike trips.

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