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National Bike to Work Week

May 16-20

May 16-20 is National Bike to Work Week, a time when everyone has the chance to try out riding bikes to work, even if it’s just part of the way. Throughout the week, many organizations in the region are hosting events, encouraging new ridership, and rewarding those already riding their bikes to and from work. We've got plenty of resources to help get you started, too.

WEBINAR: On May 17, we held a free webinar to show employers how to make their workplace a more bike friendly with speakers from The League of American Bicyclists and Bike Alpharetta. DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION HERE.

  • Discover what tax and cash incentives are available
  • Learn how becoming bike friendly can positively impact your employees and your community
  • Discuss the benefits of cycling for commuters and employers
  • Find out how to be nationally recognized as a Bike Friendly Business

Want to get involved in Bike to Work Week? Click the areas of town below to see what’s going on. 







Did you know that every mile you drive alone costs $0.58 per mile? This adds up to thousands a year (see how much you’re spending here)! When you ride your bike, you’re not just keeping miles of wear and tear off your vehicle — you’re also getting a great workout, staying healthy, and producing zero emissions! Sounds like a pretty good deal to us. Happy Bike to Work Week!

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